Working to protect the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities area

Karen Schik

Restoration Ecologist

[Photo: Karen Schik]

Member of FMR staff since: May 2000

Duties: Karen coordinates ecological restoration projects of prairie, wetlands, forest, savanna and other ecosystems that are crucial to a healthy Mississippi River.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s degree in conservation biology, both from the University of Minnesota.

Professional experience: 25+ years of ecology-related work, including environmental consulting, native plant landscaping, avian and insect research, naturalist, and high school science teacher.

Quote: “I value working on the Mississippi River simply because it’s our responsibility to take care of the river we belong to. It’s in every one of us, it’s a part of us. It has improved in recent decades, but it’s still not healthy and it needs our attention.”

Hobbies: Birding, hiking, kayaking, skiing, gardening, knitting, quilting

Last book read that she really loved: Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich

Favorite location on the Mississippi River: Lion’s Levee to Crystal Cove in St. Paul Park. This area is quite enchanting with narrow river back-channels, overhanging trees, limestone escarpments, and the quiet secrecy of the cove itself. Unusual ferns and flowers cling to the vertical bluffs just south of the cove and passing beneath it one feels the presence of that mass of rock. Most magnificent of all, however, are the American Lotus that rise from the mucky bottoms near the cove and bloom in all their glory in late July.