Working to protect the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities area

FMR welcomes Valerie Were to Board of Directors

FMR’s newest Board member Valerie Were

Photo: Jeanine Holden/FMR

FMR is pleased to announce the addition of Valerie Were [pronounced Ware-ay] to its Board of Directors. Valerie brings additional expertise to the organization in the area of natural resource science and management. A Kenyan native, Valerie is completing her PhD at the University of Minnesota. It was on the U of M campus where she discovered the Mississippi.

“The river is a distinct part of University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. I frequently crossed it to get between classes and (almost) took it for granted. I always took the few seconds it took to cross it to look outside the bus window just to see what was happening on the river.” she says.

FMR’s work in the area of reducing pollution to the river is something Valerie knows a lot about. For her master’s degree, she studied water resources science. Her thesis was on the topic of monitoring non-point source pollution in the Minnesota River Basin.

“It is easy to take the river for granted,” she says. “Serving on the FMR Board is one way to keep me connected to the river. I also have the fabulous opportunity to lend my voice toward shaping an organization whose sole mission it is to protect this valuable resource.”

With graduate school nearly complete, Valerie is excited to be starting a new job with the Office of the Legislative Auditor as a Program Evaluation Specialist. Welcome Valerie!