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Collectively, you spearhead advocacy for clean water policy, conserve critical habitat and engage the next generation of river stewards. All in support of our shared dream: To protect and restore the Mighty Mississippi and make sure it's healthy and accessible to all. 

In celebration of Earth Day, if you're not one already, please join us as an FMR member.

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  • “FMR makes me feel like I make a difference in my state and community. Protecting the natural areas and species and leaving a legacy of conservation for future generations.”
  • “FMR is commendable for its ability to organize efforts and to bring groups together for the greater good of the state and region. Your efficient use of resources is most impressive.”
  • “I love the staff at FMR. I love FMR's mission. You guys just get more and more awesome.”*

* (Right back at ya' FMR members! Your investment and involvement are greatly appreciated, especially in this era of unprecedented threats to our environment.)