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Leslie Thomas

Write to the River — Spring 2021 prose & poetry

Our spring edition features thoughtful and moving writing that reflects the passage of time along the river, how past events connect to current times, and ways in which the river remains a wise teacher.  >>

Write to the River — Fall 2020 prose & poetry

This season's then-and-now prompt inspired moving writing with diverse perspectives. Each piece conveys human interconnectedness with the natural world and the importance of restoring land and water.  >>

Write to the River — Summer 2019 Prose & Poetry

Our summer writing prompt featured a deer and her fawn swimming in the river, and we asked what brings you to the water during the warm season. The writing we received shares many reasons why: the Mississippi River is a friend, a place for special moments, and wellspring of hope, knowledge and resilience. We hope these summer edition writings inspire you.  >>

Write to the River — Spring 2019 Prose & Poetry

Year after year, a snowy landscape greens with new life, and our frozen river flows again. Our spring writing submissions beautifully convey ways the changing river landscape can inspire. From a vantage point on the Franklin Avenue bridge in Minneapolis to rolling along the river's entire course, we hope you enjoy reading all. >>

Write to the River — Fall 2018 Prose & Poetry

In response to the fall photo prompt featuring visitors to Raspberry Island in St. Paul, writers submitted thoughtful poetry and prose that shows the many ways we access and understand our connections to the river.  >>

Write to the River featured in Open Rivers Journal

We're thrilled to share this beautiful feature of FMR's Write to the River project from the Open Rivers Journal of the River Life Institute.

Coordinator Leslie Thomas shares the inspiration for using words and images to deepen relationships with the Mississippi, along with a selection of writing and author interviews. We hope you enjoy it! >>