Carpenter Nature Center Restoration

Carpenter Nature Center (CNC) is a 425-acre environmental education facility located at the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers. In 2001, FMR assisted CNC in securing funding to conduct restoration on approximately 56 acres along the Mississippi River bluffs in Denmark Township, Washington County. This restoration completed the last piece in the nature centers efforts to restore over 300 acres of its property that were once farmland.

The highlight of this project was the planting of an oak savanna on five acres of the bluff line by over 200 volunteers in October 2001. This oak savanna was designed to provide a natural transition between a woodland on the southern end of the project site and the prairie to the north. This event was organized by FMR, Great River Greening, and CNC.

The remaining 51 acres were planted with native prairie seed over the course of FMRs work.

The project was funded by the Environmental Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources, the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Department of Natural Resources, Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the nature center itself.

This restoration is doing very well and we invite you to visit CNC to see for yourself. The view of the Mississippi River valley from the restoration site is wonderful!

Find out more at Carpenter Nature Centers website.