Jeff Evans — Treasurer

Professional Experience: CPA and Adjunct Professor in Accounting Macalester College 1978-present.

Education: BBA Accounting University of Wisconsin Madison

Quote: "Sure the ice is thick enough!"

Hobbies: Canoeing, kayaking, birding, biking, photography

Interesting book: The Stars by H.A. Rey, who wrote the Curious George Books. He also wrote a wonderful astronomy book. I am on my second copy, the first fell apart after many nights laying on the ice identifying constellations.

Favorite Mississippi Location: The Mississippi River at Crosby Park in December. The sun sets right down the channel turning the ice ten shades of pink and blue.

Favorite Animal: Boreal Chickadee,I am still looking for one after thirty years of birding.

Last Memorable Vacation: Canoeing the Owl River into Hudson Bay

Favorite Band/Musician: Mark Knopfler

Conservation Heroes: Sigurd Olson and Aldo Leopold