Action Alert: Tell House leadership to pass the Salt Bill [CLOSED]

Photo courtesy of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Deicing salts applied to parking lots and walkways can melt snow and ice and keep us safe in winter. However, excess salts eventually wash into waters — where they harm aquatic life.

Salt is a permanent pollutant, and just one teaspoon of road salt pollutes five gallons of water. That's why passing chloride pollution legislation is a major priority this year.

This chloride legislation has already made it through all House committees, and it’s waiting for a full floor vote. Tell the House it’s time to act on this issue to reduce salt contamination in our water. 

Please send a message to the House of Representatives Democratic leadership* and bill author asking them to pass Rep. Fischer’s Salt Bill (HF 1502).

*This Action Alert is only accessible to people who live in MN House districts 07B, 36B, 43A, 45A or 46A.

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