Mississippi Gorge Stewards

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Aveda, Mother Earth Gardens, and Wells Fargo are proud sponsors of the Mississippi Gorge Stewards project.

Launched in 2001, the Gorge Stewards project brings neighbors together to work toward a common goal of protecting and restoring the Mississippi River Gorge — a natural oasis of limestone bluffs, natural springs, oak savanna, and hardwood forests carved out by Saint Anthony Falls over 10,000 years. The Gorge Stewards project brings neighbors together to restore and protect the areas along the Mississippi River right in their own neighborhoods.

Gorge Stewards provides a range of hands-on stewardship activities, educational workshops and trainings, and the occasional social event. The project is focused on the area of the gorge between I-94 and Ford Parkway and serves the Minneapolis neighborhoods of Greater Longfellow, Seward, Prospect Park, Marcy Holmes, and West Bank; and the Saint Paul neighborhoods of Desnoyer Park, Merriam Park, Mac-Groveland, and Highland Park.

Gorge Stewards activities include:

  • Trail monitoring
  • Buckthorn busts
  • Invasive species monitoring
  • Native plantings
  • Prairie seed collections
  • Litter clean-ups
  • Interpretive walks
  • Plant identification
  • Natural history programs
  • Storm drain stenciling
  • Trail work and erosion control
  • Celebration picnics and potlucks

The Gorge — A Treasure at Risk

The Twin Cities is fortunate to have an ecological treasure like the Mississippi River Gorge. Today, however, the gorge is threatened by exotic species, careless use, and litter. The quality of the Mississippi River is impacted by urban runoff from our streets, lawns, and waterways. At the same time, many of us treasure the gorge as a place to hike and enjoy nature, and all of us get our drinking water from the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River Gorge is one of the defining features of our community, and many local residents feel the river gives them a sense of place and connection to the natural world. Our community must work together to protect this precious resource for generations to come. The Gorge Stewards project aims to bring neighbors together to work toward a common goal of protecting and restoring this amazing resource.

Learn more and get involved

The Gorge Stewards is a great way to get involved with the community and really make a difference for the Mississippi River. You can read about the project in depth and find out about upcoming Gorge Stewards events and how you can get involved at our Gorge Stewards blog.

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A Partnership for River Protection

Friends of the Mississippi River works in partnership with the following groups to make the Gorge Stewards project a success:

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