N/NE Minneapolis riverfront regional park continues to grow

A little more green, please — for our waters and our riverfront communities. (Aerial view, from the north, above Saint Anthony Falls.) Courtesy City of Minneapolis

A little more green, please — for a healthy river and riverfront communities. (Aerial view, from the north, above Saint Anthony Falls.) Courtesy City of Minneapolis

Bike trails for miles. A forest to hike through. A river to splash in. A prairie full of blooms and birds. These are treasured Mississipppi riverfront experiences for many Minneapolitans. However, they're largely unavailable along the riverfront in north and northeast Minneapolis, an area historically dominated by industry. 

For close to two decades, Friends of the Mississippi River and the Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee have worked with the city of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to develop and implement a visionary park plan along the river north of downtown. Adopted in 2000 and revised in 2013, thAbove the Falls Master Plan guides future land use in the area to extend riverfront regional parkland to the city’s northern boundary on both sides of the river as land turnover occurs. 

There is good news to share! The Minneapolis park board now owns over half of the land needed to bring continuous riverfront parks and trails to the banks of the Mississippi River in this area. FMR and the citizen advisory committee will continue to advocate for this new parkland and support park board efforts to acquire the remaining half of the land needed to make the continuous parkland and Above the Falls trail vision a reality.

As we work to connect parkland along the northern Minneapolis riverfront we are simultaneoulsy investigating ways to partner with and support local organizations to ensure improved riverfront access for residents of surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to a high proportion of industrially owned riverfront land, Interstate 94 cuts through north Minneapolis acting as a barrier limiting Northside neigborhood's access the the river. Beginning in 2016, FMR is launching a new advocacy strategy in close collaboration with local neighborhoods and community groups to improve local connections to the Mississippi River.

We look forward to partnering with many north Minneapolis community organizations and residents to advocate for safer and more pleasant pedestrian access to the Mississippi River!

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