Serve the River: Recommended service partners

If you have just a few hours to complete, you can likely fill your requirements with FMR.  

If you have more than four hours to serve, you'll probably need to combine some FMR events with those of our Serve the River partners. (If your teacher asked you to serve just one organization, they usually understand if you email them a heads-up, and perhaps include a link to this page.) 
•• Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, National Park Service
•• Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
•• Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Environmental Services
•• Dakota County Parks Volunteers in Parks Program
•• Hastings Parks and Recreation
•• Great River Greening
• •Adopt-a-River

Additional groups with river- or watershed-oriented volunteer or service opportunities:
•• Three Rivers Park District
•• Minnesota Wetland Health Evaluation Program (Annual commitment. Volunteers typically recruited and trained March-May.)
• •Historic Fort Snelling (Historical and educational opportunities for individual adults.)