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Justice for Amir Locke

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The recent decision not to charge the Minneapolis police officer who killed Amir Locke underscores the need for systemic change and legislative action. Here's one thing you can do. >>

April 7

BIPOC River Stewards

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Since 2021, FMR has held events created by and for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). Together, we've tended habitat restoration projects, birdwatched in the gorge and snowshoed by the river. Here's how our BIPOC stewardship program works.  >>

Introducing FMR's Cultural Landscapes lesson

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Our new lesson explores cultural connections to place, and we're reshaping our whole curriculum to include more voices and more perspectives. (Photo by Adrian Islam)

Our education program teaches hundreds of youth each year about watersheds, pollution, ecosystems and more. Now we’re evolving our curriculum to explore cultural connections to place as well. Our new Cultural Landscapes lesson aims to open up space for people to reflect on their relationships with land, water and stewardship.  >>

June 8

Support police accountability and reforms

Daunte Wright

We mourn the loss of Daunte Wright, another Black man whose life was taken by law enforcement. Here are a few ways to support the community's call for justice.  >>

April 13