Whose view? From where? — August 2015

Last month’s photo was taken from the new ferris wheel at Betty Danger’s Country Club.

FMR Board Chair Deanna Wiener sent in a correct response and also identified her own hand and phone in the corner of the photo.  According to Deanna, this place is significant because of the wonderful views of the Mississippi and the future area of the best parkland the Mississippi will have!

Frank Bowden sent in a correct response with a good description of the view:  From a car on Betty Danger's Country Club's Ferris wheel:  "The Danger, our vertically revolving patio (or Mechanical Tree) features open air dining cars where you can dine and drink as you rotate around and then stop at various perching points."  The Club is at the corner of Lowery and Marshall Avenues in northeast Minneapolis.  Looking to the southwest across the Mississippi River, one can enjoy a scenic view of Northern Metal Recycling, or, I suppose, one could look down and watch the golfers.


About “Whose view? From where?”

Each month in this section, we feature a photo somewhere along the river corridor in the Twin Cities that is in some way significant or important or just plain scenic. Individuals may then email us and identify the view and explain why they believe it is significant to the community or important to them personally. We'll publish some of your responses in the next issue of Mississippi Messages, where we will also reveal the correct answer.

Irene Jones