Whose view? From where? — August 2016

We received several correct answers to this month's photo, which captures a slice of the Mississippi River and High Bridge viewed from FMR's new office in downtown St. Paul.

David Schmidt gave a great, detailed answer regarding the view itself: "This is a view of downtown St. Paul where the light rail crosses the empty lot between 4th and 5th streets and Cedar and Minnesota streets. The old Twin Cities Marathon mural can be seen on the building in the foreground obscured by the skyway bridge. In the background you can see the Mississippi River looking upstream near Harriet Island."

Lucy Thompson spoke to "from where," writing: "It looks like the view from your new offices!"

And Paula Neuman-Scott pulled it all together: "This view looks out from your new digs on the 20th floor of the U.S. Bank Center. The light rail on Cedar Street can be seen, as well as the Mississippi River in the background."

About “Whose view? From where?”

Each month in this section, we feature a photo somewhere along the river corridor in the Twin Cities that is in some way significant or important or just plain scenic. Individuals may then email us and identify the view and explain why they believe it is significant to the community or important to them personally. We'll publish some of your responses in the next issue of Mississippi Messages, where we will also reveal the correct answer.

Irene Jones for FMR