Whose view? From where? — May 2017

Six people correctly identified the May photo of the recently completed Highway 61 Hastings Bridge.

Alex Franzen provided the most detail, along with a mention of the bird collision study being conducted this summer at this and several other lmetro bridges: "This month was an easy call. This is a photo of the new Hastings bridge. The photographer is standing in Levee Park close to the new 'Hastings' stone sign. It was nice to see this photo because I am a resident of Hastings. The bridge recently was part of a U of M/Fordham University/National Park Service collaborative study on bird collisions and bridges. For ten days, people driving over the bridge may have noticed a contraption that monitored the collisions."

Elin LaBreck provided the most enthusiasm, writing: "Hastings 61 Bridge! View from historic downtown on the new bike trail :)"

In his response, Jim Fitzpatrick identified a barely visible landmark in the distance: "This is a picture of the new Hastings Bridge from the Hastings side looking upstream towards the Hastings Dam. Nice picture."

Sarah Lilja, Liz Wielinski and David Schmidt also submitted correct responses.

About Whose view? From where?

Each month in this section, we feature a photo somewhere along the river corridor in the Twin Cities that is in some way significant or important or just plain scenic. Individuals may then email us and identify the view and explain why they believe it is significant to the community or important to them personally. We'll publish some of your responses in the next issue of Mississippi Messages, where we will also reveal the correct answer.

Alicia Uzarek