Serve the River: Service Outings

If you need a service activity exclusively for your group, please consider:

• A stenciling outing
This is a perfect fit for groups of 20 or more looking for a fun and educational outing that can be scheduled to meet their needs. FMR can organize stenciling outings, presentations and cleanups in St. Paul for most any local group. We also have new, special programs that allow us to work with youth groups to organize stenciling outings in North or Northeast Minneapolis (a.k.a. the "Above the Falls" area) and along the parkway or Mississippi River Gorge in South Minneapolis.
A complete overview is available here.

• A clean-up

If you have a group of 30-50 or so, we may be able to arrange a clean-up in St. Paul or in North or Northeast Minneapolis and along the parkway or Mississippi River Gorge in South Minneapolis. Arranged, private group clean-ups usually take place in June, early July, August and October. 

Volunteers haul buckthornVolunteers stencil at the curb

FMR has a wide variety of outings for students and adults. Contact us or visit our calander to find up-coming events.

• A restoration outing

FMR may be able to arrange a weekday activity with a natural resources, biology or other field-related professional for groups.  
-- Outings for 
school or youth-focused groups can be arranged in the "Above the Falls" area in North and Northeast Minneapolis and along the River Gorge in South Minneapolis. Contact Assistant Stewardship Coordinator Kate Clayton, kclayton[at]

-- School, corporations, church groups, afterschool programs, etc. are welcome to contact FMR regarding outings in Dakota County or Cottage Grove. Typically, such a private event would take place in the summer in a high-quality natural area. Restoration needs, as determined by the FMR restoration ecologists, would determine and guide the activity, most likely an invasive species removal and/or native plant seed collection. The FMR ecologist would explain the relevance of the work, complete a brief training, etc. There would need to be a minimum of 20 participants (actual show-ups) ... and they should be individuals who enjoy getting dirty for a good cause, or are at least are game for giving it a try. We suggest requiring participation of some type for all, but allowing those who really just aren't into the outdoors another way to help, such as arranging carpooling.
If this looks like a good fit for your group, please email Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator sue rich, srich[at], with a brief description of your group, schedule considerations and complete contact information.

Just looking for an Earth Day activity?

• If you have a small group
FMR typically offers two Earth Day opportunities, including an urban cleanup and a habitat restoration activity that takes place more off the beaten path. They are posted on our events calendar and announced in the Mississippi Messages e-newsletter in February and March.
To receive notice of these and other FMR events, please
enter your email address in the blue "Mississippi Messages" box at the right.

• If you have a group of 20 or more
Minneapolis Parks and Recreation is looking for groups to coordinate a site for their annual Earth Day cleanup, usually the third Saturday morning of April. For more information visit their Earth Day page.