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As we close our 25th-anniversary celebration, we're sharing this list of 25 ways you can help the river. Whether it's unclogging a storm drain or lobbying at the Capitol, we hope you'll find something new to try, maybe even a New Year's resolution. >>

November 2018
Allan Tokuda at Ole Olson Park

FMR Super Volunteer Allan Tokuda tends native prairie at Ole Olson Park in North Minneapolis. Over 700 people volunteered at FMR projects like this in 2018, contributing more than 3,000 hours to habitat creation, restoration and stewardship. (Photo by Tom Reiter for FMR)

In 2018, volunteers of all ages got their hands dirty with FMR. Together over 700 individuals gave a combined 3,082 hours of service to help protect, enhance and restore the health of the river and our local communities. In gratitude, we've gathered some of our favorite photos from this restoration season.  >>

December 2018
Grey Cloud Island

Grey Cloud Island near Cottage Grove is FMR Administrative Assistant Raynette Prince's favorite river place. (Photo by Tom Bell for FMR.)

There are too many special river places to list — far more than 25 — so we'll close out our 25th-anniversary series with a few of our staff's favorite spots: the places we visit for solitude or critter watching or fishing, places that connect us deeply to the river and inspire us to do this work.  >>

December 2018
FMR logo with headlines from 2018.

From possible dam removal to ag pollution to poetry projects and our silver anniversary, 2018 was a big year for the river (and FMR) in the news. >>

December 2018

Lead ammunition can poison scavenger birds like bald eagles. The Raptor Center works to save these birds, but the best solution would be for hunters to switch to non-lead bullets.  >>

December 2018

Minnesota’s 2019 legislative session is about to begin! A new governor and House await, and FMR and our partners have some exciting new priorities. Here's a brief overview of what FMR and our allies will advocate for, who we'll work with, and how you can help.  >>

December 2018
Henslows Sparrow

Henslow's sparrow is one of the many bird species our FMR breeding bird surveys found on prairie restoration sites. ("Henslow's sparrow" by Jim Hudgins/USFWS. CC BY 2.0)

Our land conservation team not only restores habitat, but monitors that habitat for wildlife data. After years of conducting breeding bird surveys at our prairie restoration sites, we can now see clear trends in increased number of species, especially species of greatest conservation need.  >>

December 2018

Bears sleep deeply in their dens, groundhogs hibernate in winter burrows, and life in the river slows down under a layer of ice. For some, cold signals a change of pace. How does the changing nature of the winter river impact you? In what ways do its ice and snowy landscape inspire you? We'd like to know. >>

December 2018
Gwen Westerman reads a poem

Gwen Westerman performs "De Wakpa Taŋka Odowaŋ / Song for the Mississippi River" for our sold-out fall event in 2018. (Photo by Anna Botz)

Read and watch De Wakpa Taŋka Odowaŋ / Song for the Mississippi River, the poem Gwen Westerman wrote and performed for our annual fall event, The River Inspires: An Evening Celebrating the Mississippi River.  >>

December 2018

New research found microplastics in 90% of salt samples from 21 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. >>

December 2018