Farewell, Linda!

Linda Moua paddling the Mississippi River

Behind every FMR email, event and action alert is a team of committed and talented people working to ensure your engagement has the greatest possible impact on the river.

Linda Moua, FMR's development and advocacy assistant, has been one of those invaluable team members since she joined us in early 2016. 

Throughout her time at FMR Linda has provided steadfast support to our outreach, development and advocacy programs. Not only will she be missed for her many contributions to these teams, but all the more so for her sense of humor, love of narwhals (the unicorns of the sea), and cheery disposition. 

Since joining us, Linda has been concurrently working toward a degree in Computer Information Technology at Metropolitan State University and is moving on to expand her IT experience with the Hennepin County District Court.

We hope they know how lucky they are to have her. Thank you, Linda!