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Adam Flett paddles a canoe

In his eight years at FMR, Adam Flett managed our 44-mile river adventure for hundreds of paddlers, taught metro residents how to construct rain barrels, pulled invasives and planted for habitat alongside many of you, and always brought good tunes and good humor to our staff events. We wish our stewardship and education program director all the best in his next adventure.  >>

May 2020

For our environment and our economy, it's time to invest in Minnesota's aging water treatment systems and wastewater plants.

We're proud to be part of a new coalition of business, environment, local government and trade groups asking our state to #FixthePipesMN this session. Learn more and take action. >>

May 2020
Local teens create habitat, reduce erosion

To reduce erosion, students from Harding High Earth Club planted native shrubs and flowers with FMR staff on the Indian Mounds Park bluff overlooking the river in St. Paul.

FMR is proud to conduct indoor and outdoor educational programs for approximately 2,000 youth annually. We now also offer our educational resources online.

Come explore our Minnesota landscape and learn how erosion continues to form many of its distinct features and impacts our great Mississippi River. >>

May 2020
View of the the Mississippi River and Minneapolis, MN skyline

We're proud to announce that FMR has received GuideStar's 2020 Platinum Seal of Transparency. We’re committed to the highest level of transparency because our supporters deserve to know our full and complete story, from financial information to results and progress toward our mission.  >>

May 2020

Things we can't escape: death, taxes, and our Minnesota Senate majority trying to roll back environmental protections. This year, they've even brought back a groundwater "gag rule." Let's dive in and take action. >>

May 2020
Ayva and Naomi

Ayva and Naomi, part of last year's inaugural Youth Empowerment Program group, will be this year's assistants.

Summer program assistants Ayva Sloo and Naomi Nickel share how their Minnesotan roots and last year's Youth Empowerment Program have impacted their career aspirations and connection to local environmental issues.  >>

May 2020

A few months ago, Minnesota was looking at a sizable budget surplus. Now we've got a projected $2.4 billion deficit. What does that mean for clean water funding this legislative session?  >>

May 2020

In the latest twist in a 25-year saga, a controversial hydroelectric project in downtown Minneapolis has been rejected yet again. Now the project has no funding, no location and no local government support. Is this the end of the road for Crown Hydro? >>

May 2020
Mississippi Market Positive Change logo with an image of a bag of produce

FMR is proud to be Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op's month of May Positive Change recipient. Round up at the register and donate your reusable bag credit to make some positive change!  >>

May 2020

You may know that the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities is a national park. But few of us know how our special river became a national park in the first place. We interviewed National Park Superintendent John Anfinson about the development proposal that started the fight to protect our park and the surprising role that this exact same site — the potential home for a new River Learning Center — could play in its future.  >>

April 2020