Land Conservation Program: Planning

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into our land conservation efforts. This is true at the macro level so we know that our efforts are focused on and contributing to an ecological vision for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and it is true at the site specific level to ensure that our efforts are having the maximum beneficial outcomes.

During the initial or project identification phase, conservation professionals conduct surveys, land cover mapping, research and other data collecting activities that provide a science-based picture of the landscape, highlight goals and approaches for land protection and identify specific landscape features and parcels for protection. A more qualitative public process, in which area residents are asked for their thoughts and insights on land protection and specific natural areas that might be protected, often accompanies this quantitative, science-based approach. By participating in these planning efforts, FMR and its numerous partners can help ensure that all conservation activities are conducted in an efficient, effective and coordinated manner. Frequent products of these planning processes are maps that identify important natural areas and corridors that we, at FMR, use to focus our conservation efforts.

FMR has participated in a number of landscape scale natural resource planning projects, including:

Natural Resource Management Plans developed by FMR include: