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Legislative Updates

Action Alert: Tell House leadership to pass the Salt Bill

Salt pollution is a serious issue for our waters. Luckily, chloride (salt) legislation in the House is ready to go to the floor for passage. Send a message to House leadership telling them to pass Rep. Fischer’s Salt Bill (HF 1502). >>

February 14

Why rivers flood

Community water supplies at risk. Sediment and pollutants washing downstream. Catastrophic floods right around the corner — A recent Star Tribune article reminds us of the growing threat high flows and erosion pose for the Minnesota River — and the toll that takes on our waters and communities.  >>

February 14

What matters to our River Guardians in 2020

Thank you for taking our Legislative Priorities Survey! See which issues our River Guardians value and what they had to say about what Minnesota can do for our river this session. >>

February 10
Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota's 2020 legislative session kicks off on February 11. Here’s a look at what to expect, and what FMR's top four priorities are this year. >>