FMR welcomes Nou Yang to its board of directors

Nou Yang

Nou Yang of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation brings to our board of directors a wealth of experience building and sustaining youth programs.

FMR is very pleased to welcome Nou Yang to its board of directors. 

Nou brings more than two decades of experience in community engagement, crisis intervention services to families and vulnerable adults, and youth leadership programs.

According to Whitney Clark, FMR's executive director, Nou's expertise fills a need on the organization's governing board. "As FMR expands and deepens its programming for young people, Nou's deep experience in building and sustaining youth programs will be critically important," he said.

He also noted that "FMR has pledged to become a more diverse and culturally competent organization. Part of that work is making sure our board and staff reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Nou's experience as a Hmong-American refugee broadens our perspective, and we hope will help us to continue building cross-cultural relationships that benefit the health of the river and the well-being of the community." 

Nou is the Senior Director of Community Leadership Programs for the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation in St. Paul, which delivers leadership opportunities to high school students, culturally specific communities, local residents, experienced leaders and corporate CEOs. Prior to assuming this role, Nou led Wilder's youth initiatives.

Nou lives near the river in Minneapolis. As a runner she enjoys the trails along the river and the beauty of the river landscape through each season. "I love spending time by the river," she says. "It's a natural treasure and I want to be part of FMR's work to protect it so future generations can enjoy it too."

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